Did you know ... ?

The discoverer and original teacher of reiki, Mikao Usui, is the subject of many different and sadly inaccurate stories, especially in western reiki schools.

And whilst the internet is a wonderful resource, some care is needed to assess some of the stories.

For example, some accounts state Usui was a Christian (he wasn't) and that he worked for a time at a Chicago university (he didn't).

The origins of these and other stories is unknown.  They probably reflect an attempt to make reiki more acceptable and less 'foreign', especially as reiki spread in the western world during times when things of Japanese origin were not always easily or widely accepted.

Reiki treatment sessions

We are pleased to offer a variety of Reiki healing treatments, according to your needs.

We offer reiki therapy focused on PHYSICAL ailments, whether acute or chronic.  The short-term objective is palliative, and the treatments can be remarkably effective in a short space of time.  Other more long-term (chronic) conditions can require more extended treatments.  We can discuss your individual circumstances with you.

We also offer treatments focused on NON-PHYSICAL issues, such as sleeping problems, exhaustion, depression, and reducing or ceasing smoking or other habits.

You can choose to start with a single Reiki session, to see if it works for you . However, like all conventional and complementary medicine, it’s not a one-shot miracle cure.  Typically we recommend a course of 3 sessions, followed by a review.

A treatment session is usually 60 or 90 minutes, although we can work to shorter or longer periods where that is required and appropriate.

What does a treatment involve?  See our Questions page.  (Or should it be Answers?!)

Paying for reiki sessions

Single treatments are priced at £20-£40 p/hour according to your circumstances, although we offer a number of discounts for multiple sessions.

Did you know Reiki is sometimes an approved treatment under a health insurance policy?  In those cases, the cost of treatment can be reclaimed.  Check with your policy terms first.

We also offer company subscriptions, where the business can cover an employee’s treatment costs.  Email for details.