Did you know ... ?

Reiki has many practical uses, not just for illnesses and accidents.

For example, reiki is a very effective way to help getting to sleep.  In today's stressful world, sleep is a frequent casualty.  

Regularly treating yourself with reiki as you try to sleep will help you fall asleep more easily and also sleep more soundly.

And talking of stress, reiki can also be highly effective to reduce the impact of stress and worry.  It will frequently have the effect of lowering blood pressure and heart rate.

Errr, what's "SHINNEN"?

SHINNEN is the name of a complementary health practice, with special emphasis on reiki treatments and trainings.

SHINNEN was originally formed in 2007 by Tim Considine and Debbie Cook, so as to share the wonderful benefits of Reiki, and specifically of Jikiden Reiki.  In 2011 Debbie has created her own reiki practice, Jikiden Reiki Healing, and her website can be seen at www.jikidenreikihealing.co.uk.  SHINNEN is now run by Tim, focussing on Jikiden Reiki with additional modalities of NLP and hypnosis where these are caled for.

In Japanese, ‘shinnen’ as written here is one of the 7 common virtues, indicating a mixture of conviction, faith (non-religious) and determination.  This felt like a great reflection of our approach, and so a great choice for our practice name, reflecting our passion and commitment to Jikiden Reiki.

Having spent 25 years in business life, Tim came to be all too familiar with the issues of attempting to preserve a work-life balance.  After a bout of pneumonia and work-related exhaustion, Debbie dragged a reluctant and sceptical Tim to a Reiki session as a means of fighting back against stress & tiredness.  With an immediate improvement after only one session, and further improvement with more sessions, he was an instant convert as a patient, and chose to learn more.

Tim became accredited initially in a Western Reiki form, and then in the Jikiden Reiki form up to the Okuden level (Western Level 2).  At this point it was clear that just practising on friends and family would not be enough.  So he decided to become a teacher.  After many months of training, Tim is now a full Shihan-level teacher, accredited to train Shoden and Okuden courses (equivalent to western reiki 1 and reiki 2 instruction).

Not generally available in the West until the last few years, SHINNEN can now bring you Jikiden Reiki, a traditional and pure form which has strong direct connections to its original Japanese founders, free of Western influences and cosmetic additions. Conveniently located in Hampshire, and serving not only Hampshire, but also the surrounding counties of Berkshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Dorset and Wiltshire, you can receive reiki therapy and treatments, and also reiki instruction so you too can become a practitioner.