Did you know ... ?

There are 2 main 'branches' of reiki, normally referred to as 'Western reiki' and 'Japanese 'reiki'.

Within each of these, there are multiple 'schools'.  Especially in western reiki, where there are hundreds of variants, sometimes reflecting slightly different teaching approaches, and sometimes different 'integrations' of other elements.

Jikiden Reiki is one of the Japanese reiki schools.  The word 'Jikiden' means directly taught, and under Jikiden Reiki we make a strong effort to keep the practice and teaching as faithful and authentic as possible to the original method taught by Mikao Usui and Chujiro Hayashi.

Tell me more about reiki

Reiki is a complementary health treatment.

What is especially wonderful is that it is 100% NATURAL, NON-INVASIVE and NON-DOGMATIC.

Because it draws on 'universal energy' (the life force which is present in all living things, from plant to animal), it is safe and 'sympathetic'.  It stimulates the body’s own ability to rebuild, heal and re-energise itself, without external intervention.

Reiki lends itself to palliative and restorative treatments of both mind and body.  Mikao Usui used the expression 'Shin Shin Kaizen' to describe his technique.  In English this translates to 'improvement of mind and body'.

Many physical & non-physical issues which conventional medicine struggles with can be successfully treated by Reiki.

Reiki is especially good at combating and relieving the effects of depression, stress, exhaustion and sleep issues.

Join those who are enjoying the benefits of this simple yet highly effective approach to maintaining good physical and mental health !