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In Japan there are certain places where natural energy is more easily felt.  These are sometimes called 'hot spots'.

Several of these hot spots can be found on Mount Kurama, the mountain where Mikao Usui first encountered reiki.

Some hot spots are even marked out with a stone or metal circle (see photo).

In addition there are various places where an energy force can be felt surrounding trees, usually those of significant age.  Sound strange?  Check it out.

Learning reiki

Why should you consider learning reiki?

After all, receiving a reiki treatment is wonderful, and there are many practitioners to choose from.

In simple terms, learning reiki has many benefits.  And there'll be different views as to which is the most important.  So in no particular order, here are our favourites.  Click on each one to see more.

If you've received reiki, it's intriguing to feel the energy, in yourself and in the hands of the person giving the treatment.

And when you attend a reiki healing course, a key part is to have that energy re-awakened in you.  In Jikiden Reiki, we call that "reiju" (in western reiki, it is usually called "attunement" although we find that word can sometimes convey the wrong emphasis).

It doesn't matter how the reiju experience is for you, because the real wonder is what happens afterwards.  Most people are immediately able to notice a different feeling in their hands (if you are not one of those, it typically comes soon afterwards).

And during the remainder of the course, we spend a lot of time to develop and strengthen that feeling.

Everyone has a slightly different and personal experience, and whatever it is, they leave a very different and stronger person than they arrived!

Reiki is great when you have a specific problem, from a minor issue like an ache/pain, all the way up to a major issue.  So at moments of crisis, it's valuable to have it at hand.

And on top of that, many people who have learned reiki report a general health improvement all year round.  Resistance to infections generally increases, and many chronic ongoing conditions show improvement, or even abatement.

People who have suffered from asthma, cold outbreaks or regular headaches often report that these diminish or cease.

Additionally, many people who learn reiki see a reduction in their stress levels.  Reiki is not only a 'topical' or point-in-time treatment - once you learn reiki, you learn a way of life which helps you reduce your exposure and reaction to stress and similar pressures.

No-one likes having to wait when you have a health problem.  Very few of us actually enjoy making a fuss or asking for help.

By learning reiki, you can self-treat whenever you need to, and whenever is convenient.

With your natural self-healing ability re-vitalised, you do not have to wait for an appointment, fit in to someone else's availability or stand in a queue.

Once you have attended a reiki course and received "reiju" to re-awaken the flow of reiki energy in you, it is not only yourself that you can treat. Friends, family, colleagues.

If you're a parent or you are in a position of caring for someone, it's wonderful to be able to give regular ad-hoc treatments, whenever you need to.

Within a family environment, it's even possible to treat your partner or child during the evening at home, even while watching TV together.

A reiki course will pay for itself in 3-6 sessions (depending on each session cost).

As it is quite normal to need 3-6 sessions to deal with a single issue, you can recover the cost immediately.

So it's effectively as cheap to learn as to receive a course of professional sessions.

SHINNEN is an accredited reiki school, delivering approved reiki instruction. As teachers approved by the Jikiden Reiki Institute, we are your ideal step to certification.

We provide 2 levels of reiki training.  Click on each to see more details.

The Shoden course is the foundation course which will introduce you to reiki and give you the core skills you need.  [In western reiki, this is often called 'level one' or 'reiki 1' but be careful of direct comparison. Our shoden course goes further than most western level 1 courses.]

A critical part of the course is the process of 'reiju' where we re-awaken in you the natural reiki energy. In western reiki this is called 'attunement' although we don't feel this word really describes what happens.  During the course, you will receive multiple reiju, and at the end you will be in no doubt as to the flow of reiki energy.

In addition we ensure you have a good understanding of where reiki has come from, the special features of Jikiden Reiki, and of course the whole process of giving reiki.  In particular we teach you your first reiki symbol, as well as features which are now missing from most western reiki schools.

The course is highly practical, with lots of opportunity to practise your reiki skills.

Once completed, you will receive your certification. This includes a high quality certificate in English on premium paper (not just a mass-produced stationery template), and additionally an authentic traditional certificate in Japanese, which closely follows the original certificates as issued by Usui and Hayashi in the original days of reiki training.

Having received your certification, you will be able to deliver reiki therapy and reiki treatments for yourself, friends and family, and also clients (when delivering reiki professionally, there are recommended additional steps including insurance, which we can provide advice on).

The Okuden course represents the next stage of your reiki learning.  [It is broadly equivalent to western 'level 2' or 'reiki 2' courses, but again be wary of direct comparison.]

During the course, you will be introduced to the process of using reiki for non-physical treatments (stress, worry, habits, "psychological" treatments) and also the amazing and wonderous process of distant treatment.  You will be fully trained in the process and have the opportunity to practice these techniques, including learning 2 further reiki symbols.

In addition you will receive additional reiju (equivalent to western reiki term of 'attunements'), further building your skills and reiki sensitivity.

Reiki "Share" Meetings

If you have been 'attuned' in any reiki system, then why not come along to one of our reiki shares?  Whether you are Jikiden reiki trained or not, come along to share giving and receiving reiki.  This will keep your skills up and give you the chance to share your questions and experiences in treating friends, family and clients.  If you're interested in comong along, just drop us a line at

Open Meetings

Interested to know more about reiki and specifically Jikiden Reiki?  Curious to know what receiving reiki feels like?  

Then come along to our next Open Meeting at Signal House, Jacklyns Lane, Alresford, SO24 9JJ.  

You can hear a short talk about what reiki is, and then experience a free reiki session.  There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and meet other people who learned reiki with us.

Shoden and Okuden Course dates are shown at top of each page.

Our courses are small, informal and very friendly.  We're taking bookings now, and because they are limited numbers on each, reserve your place now.

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Our Location is near Winchester, Hampshire

The SHINNEN practice is located at :

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